Why going in the direction of grain less is better for you

Why going in the direction of grain less is better for you

No Grain a No Brainer


I’ve come across a lot of confusion in the fitness and wellness world about what is considered healthy meal management for an average individual that weight trains a few days a week, does yoga and makes reasonably sound food choices. What we see on social media and its correlation to food and body image are truly skewed in a sense that most of the people out there still have no clue what to eat when it comes to their health. And this is ranges from Personal trainers to highly credited professionals in the field of nutrition and dietetics. For the past twenty-five years I’ve been privileged to have worked with professionals in the field of nutrition both a colleague and patient. These are Dieticians, Nutritionists and Naturopaths who have worked with the world’s best athletes and celebrities, also value the human body just as high as they value their wisdom.

There are countless factors of why we eat, what we are eating for and how we maintain our health as we age (for some we are ageless) that will determine our overall health. But the question still looms over us about “What is considered healthy?”

There has been an up rise on Gluten Free and Sugar free packaged products in the market place thinking that this is the way to go. Think again. What is lost, must be gained back in some other form. What replaces sugar in foods? And what are you sacrificing by removing gluten from your diet? Are the foods that are free from this or absent of that being replaced by something worse or better for your overall health?

I commonly get asked “what do you eat that keeps muscle on and keeps you lean?”

I usually reply; “food”. There’s no need to starve or punish your body. Accept food and learn to accept yourself

My overall meal management is basic and consistent. I ramp it up when I’m training for a sports season or event, but for the most part it’s simple. I’ve not eaten red or white meat in over 6 years and found it was the best discovery for my overall health. As soon as I stopped eating meat, I instantly lost body fat, my muscle tone improved, and I now have endless amounts of energy. Everyone is different on how they respond to meat, but think of efficiency in metabolising an acidic protein over an alkalising food.

I can attest that my digestion rapidly improved and small skin disorders like eczema that I have experienced as a kid have all but gone away.  I do have the occasional fish and make eggs an almost daily event. I have these foods as the high fat content helps with brain function and mental acuity. I’m sharper and more switched on even with only 4-6 hours’ sleep. This could also be contributed by at least 1 hour of yoga and 20 mins of meditation per day (when I’m in the zone yoga is about 3 hours and mediation last for two). Yoga and meditation are how I regenerate. I’m stronger and leaner than I was when I was twenty with far less effort.

I also get my bloods done every year and sometimes twice to satisfy my mum and ensure that my body is running efficiently and healthy

One of the biggest improvements in my health is that I’ve also started eating way less carbs that contain grains. I found that having even lesser amounts of grain in my diet were still causing inflammation in my joints and gut, plus I was holding body fat around my lower stomach area. So, grain-less food products have made their way into the pantry and I’m stoked.

Benefits of having a grain free diet

Can reduce inflammation


Lower or prevent or lower Type 2 Diabetes


Connection with lower heart disease and less weight gain




Here’s my typical daily food plan:


Pre walk/yoga/surf

5 grams of glutamine and glass of warm water a slice of lime. The water will set to alkalise the body and in addition the glutamine will boost my immunity and assist the gut for digesting food. (glutamine also used in reducing the DOMS from training).

I’ll meditate for about 10 mins, then do some yoga and then either hit the beach for a surf or go for a walk.

Post yoga/walk/surf

1 teaspoon of glutamine in a crushed ice berry smoothie. I will add a pinch of magnesium, zinc and matcha green tea powder

Brekkie (20 mins after)

2-3 whole eggs, sautéed spinach and occasionally smoked salmon.

Morning tea

GEWREW Granola with grainless protein or acai bowl mixed with fresh fruit (banana/mango/watermelon)


Sweet potato salad with avo and rocket (you could sprinkle some GEWREW granola on top for texture and added healthy omega fatty acids

Arvo tea pre-training


Post training/ yoga

Watermelon or coconut water with BCAA’s


Fish and green leafy veggies


If you would like more information on how to improve on your current exercise, yoga and food strategies please contact us info@gewrew.com

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